Subconscious blocks – what are they and how to release them!

Subconscious blocks can come from anything and everyone have them. As we go through our days, we have these moments of truth were we can realise more clearly why we are actually behaving and reacting in a certain matter in our everyday lives. As we go through the day, there are distractions as well, that … Continue reading Subconscious blocks – what are they and how to release them!



Which path will you take in life?   Which career will you choose?   Which road will you like to travel, forever and ever on this life journey?   Here are some examples: You can go through life not knowing which path you chose and end up "randomly" somewhere, depending on the small choices in … Continue reading Choices

Are you depressed or surrounded by negative influences?

Your environment, your lifestyle and your choices in everyday life keeps haunting at you if you make the wrong choices, so make sure you serve yourself with positive nutrition, either through people, thoughts or literally food. It all comes down to this: when you are ready to give up on the life you had before, … Continue reading Are you depressed or surrounded by negative influences?

Stand in your power.

Grow up. Don't blame the world, Maria Mena sings, almost. I just changed it a little bit... I changed it to "grow up" instead of pick up. But What really is better? I dont know... But maybe tomorrow will, show?

What the fuck?

Maybe ITS written Maybe ITS not We all listen to the future plot Being aware Being awake Has ITS downfalls But nothing's at stake Let it be remembered Let it be shine That is coming through to the partner in crime

Take the lesson

Giving you advice here, Theres a lesson in everything and everyone WHOs creating moments of hesitation and doubt! Leave it to the shadows, spill your own Goals. Or leave it to sinners to pick up the mess, forgot the rest? Well leave it to test...

Motionless, lonely or depressed?

Hey, I know how you're feeling? Just wanted to tell you that!!! But hey, there's a reason, you're dealing with crap. Look around you, Who's to tell? Why were you put on this magical spell? Listen to voices that come from within ! Speak up in silence, Now let it all chin...

Expand your prison, explode your boundaries, freedom is a state of mind!!!

Freedom is aaa staaate of mind!!! Hahaha, the song on my brain, lol❤️🎶 Have some faith in the Universe, it will all reveal as you come together with the knowingness of it all being freaking awesome!! Life is beautiful, get it? The only way you can improve is by looking inside yourself, releasing your own … Continue reading Expand your prison, explode your boundaries, freedom is a state of mind!!!

Explore your limits…

Where do you stop yourself from doing whatever you like??? What are your "boundaries" that you labeled yourself in the darkest moments? Leave them to the exploration. Go after what you want. If there's a will there's a way. Trust the Universe!

Rest in peace

In with the new. Let the old patterns rot where-you-know. Not to be too Harry Potter-ish here, but honestly, What's going on? People are finding themselves of old ways, finally. But in order to see. What's not working. It must crash. Someone has to suffer, others need to watch. The momentum is cracking. But for … Continue reading Rest in peace

Miss spelled

Words hold power Thoughts create vibration. Eternal evolution Evaluation. In everything, Comparing, Around every corner. Jealousy, Makes us another Heartbreaking, i know. But truth... So break free. Embrace yourself YOUR truth.


We are all reflections... Of each other. Reliant Or not, trusting, your shadow. Reflection is healthy. There is no other way to put it. Get done with your to-do-tasks and get thinking. Start meditating on, or simply think about, what are you up for in this life, this world? Get into the seeing of things … Continue reading Reflection


Why is it that we go after what we don't want? What do you REALLY want? Chase it! Not literally, but in your mind and your heart. Don't settle for anything less. Your life is YOURS to keep!!


Hei! Bare en kort liten påminnelse om at vi alle trenger å være bevisste i valgene vi tar. Noen, tar kanskje ting for mye på alvor, likevel, er det viktig å huske på at vi ikke må la ting falle i grus heller. Å ta valg i hverdagen som omhandler tilsynelatende små handlinger, får fort … Continue reading Livsstils-valg

Meditate, don’t medicate

Medicare..... What a bluff.. What a bummer. But, the reason, they all keep playing it safe, is because, there's so much "stuff" at bay Like houses, cars and medical bills, how wonder, How come? It all went down to this... This bliss, of being born again as a freaking emotional human ....

#SAK(LIG)TEKST: Psykosomatisk – hva betyr det? Fremtidens forståelse av helsa vår!

Alle har vi tatt oss selv i å tenke: «hva er det jeg har fått i meg, jeg føler meg så….» Uansett om setningen fortsetter med oppblåst, hyperaktiv eller slapp, tenker vi ikke egentlig alt for lite over denne tilsynelatende relevante connectionen mellom hva vi putter i kroppen vår og hvordan vi føler oss? Tar vi … Continue reading #SAK(LIG)TEKST: Psykosomatisk – hva betyr det? Fremtidens forståelse av helsa vår!

Hæppi times

Musikk i øra Foto på en lørda’ Hva har vi alle? Fått nok av? Passe glad men også stokk DUM? Eller var det ond? Nei hun kunne ikke målbindes (si) Men mål det hadde hun scoret, år etter år, men de så det jo ikke, før keeperen ropte UT, den tullingen, det var helt bak … Continue reading Hæppi times


Alt skal ut, alt skal vekk Skynd deg før de ser deg. Alt skal åpnes, lage en bekk som du vil skal skånes Før de vil ha ordet ditt Skal de ha bankkortet ditt Skynd deg skynd deg Frøet spirer Gnisten irer Frøet syrer…

Your inner child

What happened to them mystery of being a child? When did we forget to be playful, childlike and spontanious? When did we learn that something else was more important, than just enjoying what is right here and now? How to find our child inside ourselves? How to treat others like children inside an adult human … Continue reading Your inner child

Do the laundry

How often are we not stressed to clean our house, fridge and do the laundry before we have guests in our house? Its like we want to show our homes from the very best side when people arrive. Thats what i have been starting to feel about myself lately. Only in a more deeper sense. … Continue reading Do the laundry

Er vi analfabeter på mental helse?

Vår tilstand psykisk og sosialt veier betydelig tyngre enn den delen som går på karakterer, gjennomsnittlig IQ og andre tekniske ferdigheter haha. Selv om det så klart er godt med en god blanding, så vil ikke et utslag i dårlig matematik-karakterer nødvendigvis skjære seg i forhold til vennskaps-betingede faktorer, om du skjønner hva jeg mener? … Continue reading Er vi analfabeter på mental helse?

Social anxiety #infj

What comes anxiety from? From not being in the moment? Can it be that simple? From not being present? In that case mustn’t it be easy just to «fake it till you make it?» Well, not really. You have to acknowledge it and rewrite it, THEN you can let it go!

Why anxiety?

Sometimes, the anxiety and struggles in your life are your biggest life lesson. From a spiritual perspective, we all came in here to this world with a task to fulfil. Whether it be to give freedom to a child, to born winning teams of babies or to take care of yourself on all levels. Or … Continue reading Why anxiety?


Whatever is in your near future, I wish it to be something special.. Have faith in me.. so long, masculine, percentages are only numbers, but you my dear is another calling from the angels to bring home peace and glory to the country: Go ahead, go click in and see if you can do some … Continue reading Akilles…

Tic tac toe???

Have you ever considered being dangerous? Or a little foolish? Many people know what they want but not too many have the faith to stay consistent with it. Be present, be brave, go with YOUR feelings. Have the faith that you will be present in your dream as long as you live it. You can't … Continue reading Tic tac toe???


Some people seem so interested..! In your life, right? Like they cared since the day one?! But dont take it for granted!! They trust, you, to break through, so keep faith in yourself, have your head kept up, keep going strong and keep being a lone, wolf, a lone stranger, until they see, the wolf … Continue reading Whatever…

Be aware

Be present, be aware, be awkwardly obsessive with your stuff, be obsessive and passionate about your life, it's your life that comes through your expression, and you have to own it, own it fully and presently, you have the power within you to create what you want in this life, but don't let the imagination … Continue reading Be aware