Fra Fysisk Tvang til Mental Frihet Min memoar om veien fra en ung oppegående jente som blir diagnostisert og sliter, til hun finner retningen mot mental frihet på egne premisser. Welcome to the blessing in disguise of my life. Min reise innover, mot min sannhet. Måtte den etter alt hell støtte deg i retningen av å gjøre det samme. Alt … Continue reading Fra Fysisk Tvang til Mental Frihet


Fall out?

What determines whether you make it or not? Your situation or circumstance, does it create your destiny? Or can you grow from the mud like a lotus? So may things are banned and taboo in our society today, what if you have the "luck" of getting trapped in a stereotype and being seen through some … Continue reading Fall out?


What if you could define yourself out of some terms? What if all your life, you thought you had to answer to someone, but then all of a sudden you realise there was more to life than fitting into a box? You could have had it all figured out form the beginning, but time passed … Continue reading Backstage


We all have our different timelines. Our different skillsets. Our different tempo. But if we try to rush things we will only get slapped in the face by the Universe itself, haha. Or time will slow down automatically! That's what happens when you create space in your life for what's meant to be. Rather than … Continue reading Patience

My story

I woke up one day, less calm about my future, but less apathetic to it as well. I was in this strange space between actually caring and really not paying attention to the doubts and going fast forward into my dreams. I realised, there has to be something more to life than following the rat … Continue reading My story

Be blessed🙏

There is a way to catch the wave that's happening, that comes across from the literary bravery on its own. There is something coming together with the truce that happens for many of us when we turn off the filters. There is something challenging us deep down, something that chases our lives and bears fruits … Continue reading Be blessed🙏

Love your life

Dream of the biggest dreams that you could ever have. Trust that it is possible to achieve. Trust that there are some forces out there that are craving your attention, and as you keep it in mind you will realise that there is more to life than just being here all the time. There is … Continue reading Love your life

Be your own best friend

If no one is going to care for you, who will? If no one is coming to save you, who will? What is left in this question, the answer, is you, right? You have the power, to be within. To connect. To learn. To grow. It's a choice. Choose it.  

ADD and ADHD shouldn’t be kept as a label for individuals, look at the grander scales: it’s a symptom of our society suffering.

People on medicines and suppressing medication is happening to ruin the life's of us, are just paying attention to the moments of bliss that are happening around us. The moment we realise, people make money of suppressing our health, we will ignore the fact that people are helping us in the systems. There will be … Continue reading ADD and ADHD shouldn’t be kept as a label for individuals, look at the grander scales: it’s a symptom of our society suffering.

Take your time

Sometimes we need to do it in baby steps...! And it all becomes freaking easier to overlook. But then, again, who chooses the main seasons over one another? There is something happening here on planet earth that seems like a race, but eventually, you're only racing with yourself. Stop the hasstle, and start doing the … Continue reading Take your time

Use your mind!!!

We were born with all the tools that we need to succeed! And what is success? Define it to yourself!❤️ Success can be anything you want it to be, basically. If you are into winning, then winning might be success to you. Also, getting the passion to go through with whatever you want and need … Continue reading Use your mind!!!


Use humour to become better off with attacks, self irony and humbleness. There is something better off for you out there. You went through these struggles for a reason, for you to learn and grow. Trust that everything is going to be totally fine. Just listen to the moments of bliss that are haunting inside … Continue reading Humour


May hell break loose! You caught me on fire. You took my flame. Still blaming me for all the vain. Listen to Silence, Up in here. No , there's no violence, But I am still here.

Don’t let anyone take your power pt. 2 #humbleddays

Question up for taking: How can you let everything fall and trust that you have to be better off with the messages that run through you everyday. You know, those little nudges making you fret and making you deliver the stamina you have conquered through the days. Well, the question is divided. Firstly, reclaim your … Continue reading Don’t let anyone take your power pt. 2 #humbleddays

Spiritual stamina

Spiritual stamina comes from whatever you can have persuaded in this life time as in speaking of matters of the spiritual stuff. There is a stamina to everything, and the spiritual stamina is about being free in mind to choose, the highest possible outcome everyday. Being spiritual is also something happening for yourself and for … Continue reading Spiritual stamina

Some people will see you down and still complain about you not being flat enough

Stop worrying about the future holds. Everything will work out. Your main concern should be here and now. Don't let anyone face your fears without your permission, and beneficially don't even give them that. Be your own best friend, seriously, no one else is going to fill that gap for you. Be bravery, be pleasant … Continue reading Some people will see you down and still complain about you not being flat enough

Fuck you bitch

Being spiritual doesn't mean you have to be silent and calm all the time. Meaning, don't hold in your energies. If you are pissed, be pissed. The important thing is to heal and move on. Do not let anyone stop you from being/doing that.   Peace and love, G ❤

Up for taking

Sunday inspiration: watching videos on youtube, as usual 🙂 Wanting to let you know, there's something you have to be aware of during a process like this. You have some stuff going on in your life right? Still, you take time to read this, and it shows me you are taking care of your own … Continue reading Up for taking

Fake or not fake

Take a look at yourself. In the mirror. Do you feel qualified? To show up? Or do they let you down? Never let them. Remember your strength. Trust. In you. You have the power.

We came here to rise

Blame it on the Universe. Or, realise, you are it. The universe. In all forms. Being given the rest to see. There is a meaning to this. All is going through, you. You are a channel, for Gods light.    


Sometimes you just got to throw the phone out the window (not literally) and give a shit about your health. The lightning on the screen can kill anybodies beauty sleep. So let go and be brave in the being of trusting yourself and your bodies signals. So trust that everything will be fine and you … Continue reading Detox