We all have our different timelines. Our different skillsets. Our different tempo. But if we try to rush things we will only get slapped in the face by the Universe itself, haha. Or time will slow down automatically! That’s what happens when you create space in your life for what’s meant to be. Rather than the stalling, and the “but”s and the “why”s. When we get down to our own core and we create from our pure being, there is nothing that can shake us. Being comprehensive towards your own future and what it holds creates space for something better. A luminous space in which you can express yourself and create from pure bliss. You are your own creator, and your lifes only guide, in fact, you are the one who tracks yourself all the time, constantly on this path. So make sure you challenge yourself on the right people, places and practices. Work on your skills, use your abilities and create some momentum for yourself.


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