I woke up one day, less calm about my future, but less apathetic to it as well. I was in this strange space between actually caring and really not paying attention to the doubts and going fast forward into my dreams. I realised, there has to be something more to life than following the rat race, get a job and eventually grow old. There was more to life, and I knew it from the first moment I had ripped up in the past and got into the real goodness of what life is all about. I love the saying, your meaning of life is to find your gift, your purpose in life is to give it away. 

There is a reason why you’re in this rat race with a huge question mark in your head, it keeps you going in the loop or gives you the opportunity to get out of it as quickly as you might wish. You have something in particular that keeps you different from others, that’s why, keep your confidence and begin moving with it.


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