Become free in your mind and precious divine purpose. Trust that the reason you came here was to spread your wings, not to stall. There is something bigger and better coming at you, you just have to trust and receive, be open to achieving what you asked for and prayed for. There is a reason you came into this world, not only to learn, but for a purpose, to change something for the better, to keep going with the same energy and motion all life through, or to simply transcend. There is something bigger and better awaiting, just grab it.

Hold on to the dream you are holding in your vision, you are always there, where you choose to be. There is something going on here that’s comprehensive, trust that the way is not to choose your settling before it’s over, but to rise above. You can quit and regret the rest of your life, or you can pick up yourself and start doing something incredible for yourself, start making moves, start acting on it.

There is something happening for a reason, and that reason is you. You can steer your life in the direction you want to or you can stop it and leave it to nothing, but that’s not an option. Work hard, work smart, just work, start somewhere, the why’s are important, and the how’s will be showing yourself when you decide to pay attention to yourself and do something about it.

Stop regretting the things you did, stop crying over “spilled milk”, embrace your own blue print, there is something coming your way, there is something happening that is occurring to be better off with the smart ass that you were born with.

Trust that there is something coming at your door when it’s time, no minute later. There is something rising inside you, wait for the momentum to build. Trust the power you hold.




Love, G


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