Work hard or work smart?

In this situation I would say you need to become bravery on it’s pleasant meaning, and being the traveller of the world alone…

I have this weird feeling sometimes of loosing grip of the situation. Maybe it’s a sing you should stop distracting yourself and focus on your path, your status and your purpose. Trust that the mind is running away in several ways, but stay grounded. Keep going no matter what. Don’t stop.

Step into your light when it’s time. This time just take urge of what’s in front of you, let the small passions and happiness and pleasures fill your life for a little while, stop giving away your energy, that is way behind, trust the intuition and be bold.

Be safe, be grounded and be fucking massively dedicated. In every area of your life.

Maybe you need to take a huge back out from this situation, and just start doing something else, doing something creative for example, or simply doing nothing for a little while…


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