There is a fine-tuning between having a lot of time at hand and spending in on distractions and temporary pleasures. You can also play the role of being bored, but in a different manner. there is something called being undependable, and you will figure it out, eventually, what it means. Just stay in the flow, in the zone, and there will be amazing times ahead of you.

There is something better and bigger in the being of pursuing your dreams, there has been a lot of stuff happening lately? Maybe you need a break or just some sleep? There has been a lot to give, and now it’s your turn to receive. There has been a lot to learn from these courses, or “classes” of life. Trust me, there is something happening on the inside of you, that you are feeding off. There is something bigger, more powerful, your creative source, your destined co-creating powers.

So take them in use, and become free in mind till it has to visualise, the dreams you are looking for, there is something more to this life, there is something greater, surf the wave, and you’ll see.

Stop stalling. Start creating. Just begin somewhere. And you’ll get amazed.






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