I had a period of my life where I had to creep into my little room and become knowledges about what was going on in the world around me. I was harvesting knowledge, in the depths, of my innermost dreams. I had to read through books after books, starting to become patiently waiting for my new life to take form. I knew somehow deep down that it would benefit for me to be going through this period. And it did. In the depths of my own psyche, I educated myself to become a master of my own mind. And in order to NAVIGATE, the waters of life, I had to read and programme my mind first. So, in order to become this trustworthy of everything happening for a reason, I started listening to my intuition, to the little nudges coming up for me to take a look at.

And in the end, I felt free.
And the thing is, you can too<3

Love, G ā¤


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