Question up for taking: How can you let everything fall and trust that you have to be better off with the messages that run through you everyday. You know, those little nudges making you fret and making you deliver the stamina you have conquered through the days.

Well, the question is divided. Firstly, reclaim your power, as I’ve already stressed out on you. Then, secondly, be bold, be a freaking bitch if you have to, and get that mojo going through the day, and night for that matter, haha. Be brave, be bold, be furious if you may ask, yes that’s ok too. 🙂

But, most of all, pay attention to the red flags when people showing up your face wants to grab something from you. I’m not saying literally, just that you have to be brave enough to be listening to your own voice and you have to listen to the future holding you in it’s hands, cause it’s safe to live here. Create the circumstances you would like to gather in your life. Live your dream.

Trust your power, that is also one big sake to understand, you are way more powerful than they try telling you. Let’s get real here, and honour the truth for a while. For once, right? There are people out there, feeding off your forgotten knowledge. That you don’t know you’ve been deprived off until you get it into your veins again.

Focus on you, and the rest will come. The others will wake up as well, eventually. Just be brave in your own being and trust that the masses WILL follow. It’s hard to resist at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Then, eventually, don’t let anyone tell you what to do and what not to do. Trust that there is something common coming into your heart at the time it’s supposed to. Listen to the pieces of love creating your life in it, and trust that everything will show up eventually.

Sometimes, your body, your spiritual pursuit has to die in order to be reborn. Trust that everything has to become written here. The people coming into your life are attracted to you for several reasons. They either want something from you, they want to step on you, or they want to cherish you. Take care of the last part dearly. Those are the keepers in case you didn’t realise.

Stay in your power, reclaim it, hold it, be proud of it, manage it! And use it, for the better good of this life. You have all the rights in the world to claim it back, I’m tellin ya.

Food for thought:


(PS: not to be taken seriously, haha)





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