We often come across people with gifts and talents that are misfitting in this society.

How can we connect to the moments of truth and how that is accomplishing us in the now?

Can we even leave it to the destiny to have power over us?

Or can we lean back and let ourselves handle out our lives anyways?

Indigo children are generally speaking a “category” of people being born with certain traits.

It’s all about being blaming others for what they are or not.

Some people are mis-categorised as “labeled children”, with diagnoses like ADD, ADHD and other gross diagnoses. How can people even find these people in a gutter and treat them like shit? How is it possible?

Well, my theory is, Indigo children came into this world to become aware of the circumstances and shift them. We were born to shake the ground, literally, whether it be the scholar system, the health care system or other structures being too rigid and fast.

Well, I have a lot of experience with being looked at like a weirdo, because it all has to do with the intuition we’re following. As an Indigo, you have this strong connection to source. And your intuition is really strong.

Being an empath, and an indigo child can be pretty much exhausting at times. It means you take on every one else’s energies, at the same time you’re literally being accused for having a “wrong” perspective on life and you are misinterpreted in the structure.

Feeling like you’re always in the way are common situations. And feeling like you’re not really fitting in, cause everything has to do with energy, and you FEEL so much.

Being a healer and a medium for example can exhaust yourself from really living your truth and your harmonious life that you deserve.

Pay attention to your intuition and listen to the persons that you feel drawn to, it should be helping you ❤


Love always.


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